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1. ---What did you do to celebrate Halloween last year ?
---I d up as Superman and played “trick or treat” .
2. --Do you still take the bus to school?
---No. Now I can come to school by underground i of by bus.
3. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, our government asked people to__________(try not to do something) visiting each other during that period.
4. They can’t (have enough money to pay for something) to go on vacation this year.
5. Don't walk__ (from one side to the other) the street when the traffic lights are red.
6. Tom shows a talent for speaking different l . He can speak English, French, Chinese and so on.
7. Although you prepare well for an interview, things may not always go as _________ (without problems or difficulties) as you hope.
8.After discussing the project several times, they reached an a     finally.
9.Look! How d     your hands are! Go and wash them right now.
10.When she first went to university, she felt very l     because she knew no one there.


11.The old man stayed a     luckily after the strong earthquake.
12.You'd better tell the truth and tell us why you were     (be not present) from yesterday's important meeting.
13.Learning history can make us get experience from the past and      (try not to do sth.) making the same mistake.
14.Middle school students aren't     (let somebody do something) to bring their mobile phones to school.
15.These art works are part of our    (of a whole country) treasures of culture.
16.—Have you heard of the old Chinese saying, “Men die for     (richness, having plenty of money), birds die for food.”?
—Yes. But I don't think money is everything.
17.They have lots of d     in solving the problem without any help.
18.How s     the wind was blowing! I nearly lost my umbrella in the wind.
19.What a sunny day! Please open all the w     and let some fresh air in.
20.Now we are short of water and we should s     water in our daily life.
21.To keep us safe, we should guard a     any possible danger around us.
22.The students of Class One are     (talk about sth) their plan for the trip to the museum next week.
23.Would you please     (give sth to sb) me some suggestions about how to solve this problem?
24.You don't need to doubt her words. She is always an  (never tell lies) person.
25.All the doctors and nurses in the hospital must wear   (for one purpose) designed clothes to prevent the spread of the disease.
26.In order to learn how to do DIY well, he  (go to) DIY lessons every Saturday.
27.N     cross the road when the traffic lights are red.
28.We can't smoke in p    . It's harmful to others.
29.Mr King is very p    . He often explains difficult problems many times until we understand.
30.The girl was shy and she felt a little n     at the beginning of her speech.
31.Christmas comes in the t     month of a year.
32.    (want to know) whether it is true or not.
33.There is a special     (costing nothing) gift with this month's magazine.
34.In France, you are not supposed to eat anything with your hands     (not including) bread.
35.Don't worry. You will have     (as much as you want or need) time to think about it.
36.Food on Mars will probably be in the form of     (small round medicine) and will be less delicious.
37.When you visit someone, it's polite to k     at the door before entering.
38.If we work hard together, we can make a d     to the world and lead to a better future.
39.I always feel e     when I am watching the raising of the national flag.
40.It is g     of him to donate so much money to the college.
41.Parents always try to p    a good environment at home for their children.
42.Mary is very     (almost the same) in appearance to his twin sister.
43.Tan Dun made music with     (not special) objects like stones and paper when he was young.
44.We hope to take a  (a time of rest from work or study) in Europe at the end of this month.
1. Besides the well-known names, many heroes remain _____________ (未知的), although they have played their important parts in sending man-made satellites into space.
2. Life is like a book. The foolish _____(必定地) carelessly, the wise read it carefully.
3. The teens took a photo of smiling faces to welcome World Smile Day in         . (五月)
4.Mr Li teaches well. I’ve never met a _______________(严格)one than him.
5. Mr Sigmund Friend is used to_______________(处理) with all kinds of problems.
6. The boy who won the inter-school drawing competition is the ___________(骄傲)of the whole school.
7. John looks at his watch from time to time. Why is he so___________ (急躁的)?
8. I’m sorry you are __________(完全) wrong. You’ve mistaken Lucy for Lily.
9. Ahead of President Xi’s visit to European countries, Washington asked European countries to be “with us, or_________ (反对) us.”
10. With a long list of         (选择), it's very hard for me to decide which to buy.
11.The dishes of the new restaurant are delicious and we were well        (服务)when we last ate there.
12. It is of great _____________ (价值) for humans to learn the law of nature.
13. Her novels are full of mysteries and they are ___________ (广泛地) read.
14. ---Where shall we go for the summer outing, Daniel?
---I can’t         (记得) exactly, maybe somewhere near Babulo Valley.
15. ---What's the           (日期) today, Millie?
---It's 17 June. Oh, tomorrow is Dragon Boat Festival.
16. Housing prices in major cities rapidly last year.          (上升)
17.            (最后), I would like to thank you all for coming here today.
18. Everyone, you need to have a dream. The future of China           (依靠) on you.
19. Sometimes to take the           (领先地位) is easy, but to keep it is hard.
20. Thank you for____________(警告) us not to swim here.
21. Lin Tao was_____________(勇敢的) enough to save his neighbour from a fire.


22. Please put all the books back in the right ____________(顺序) before you leave.
23. He __________(误以为) Mary for her twin sister and that made them laugh a lot.
24.What a surprise! The new medicine’s __________(奏效). The sick boy is healthy again.
25. The ______ (决定) you have made doesn’t seem so nice. You need to think twice.
26. With the new movie, he is considered as the country’s leading _______ (导演).
27. There are all kinds of shops______________(在...对面) the street.
28. I want to be one of the __________ (富有的) men in the world when I grow up.
29. The dentist suggest that the girl should brush their ___________(牙齿)before going to bed.
30. He has a special           (能力) to write with two hands at the same time.
31. Don’t close your eyes. A good chance will __________(出现) in the next second.
32. Quite a lot of teenagers have no idea how to           (处理)with stress.
33.I didn't sleep well last night. So I feel     (困倦的) now.
34.    (青少年) are supposed to help with house-work to develop their independence.
35.Her eyes were     (充满) with tears when she heard the bad news.
36.One should have a     (观念, 意识) of right and wrong, or a person can't be trusted.
37.Huawei was the     (获胜者) in the worldwide smartphone market in April, 2020,
38.As we all know, everyone is     (天生的) with the ability to learn.
39.Many visitors come to Beijing and hope to watch the raising of the national     (旗帜).
40.Kate is much     (苗条的) than she used to be.
41.We must learn about the foreign country's customs before we travel       (到国外).
42.It's     (可能的) for us to achieve our goals if we keep working hard.
43.If someone throws litter carelessly in the park, he or she will be      (罚款).
44.He was busy     (解释) who each person in the photo was.
45.China will announce the new     (高度) of Mount Qomolangma.
46.Helen Keller was blind and deaf, but her     (缺陷)didn't prevent her from doing what she wanted to do.
47.In autumn, quite a few     (树叶) turn yellow and fall off the trees.
48.Thank you for     (警告) us not to swim here.
49.He got a     (牙疼) and had to see the dentist last night.
50.We haven't decided how to     (庆祝) the coming New Year's Day.
51.By     (培训) local doctors and nurses, we hope to help more people.
52.Tom kept calling me for years,     (甚至) after he graduated.
53.Forty people     (包括)six children went to visit the museum.





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